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At Oradess, we specialize in providing top-notch professional detergent sheet services that make laundry day a breeze. Our innovative detergent sheets are designed to simplify your laundry routine without compromising on cleanliness and freshness.

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How We Detergent Sheets Works

Oradess Deep Cleaning Power

Deep Cleaning Power

Our detergent sheets pack a punch when it comes to cleaning performance. Our advanced formula is engineered to effectively break down and remove tough stains, dirt, and odors from your fabrics, giving you exceptional cleaning.

Oradess Easy Dissolving Action
Easy Dissolving Action

Our detergent sheets couldn’t be simpler. Simply toss a sheet into the washing machine along with your clothes, and our advanced formula rapidly dissolves in water, activating its cleaning agents.

Oradess Suitable for All Washing Machines
Suitable for All Washing Machines

Whether you have a top-loading or front-loading washing machine, A thorough clean in any wash cycle our detergent sheets are compatible with all types of machines.


What We Offer Services​

Oradess Laundry Detergent Sheets
Laundry Detergent Sheets

Our cutting-edge Laundry Detergent Sheets, are available at Oradess. These biodegradable and eco-friendly sheets offer a revolutionary laundry experience. With precise pre-measured detergency, they dissolve effortlessly in water, tackling stains, and odors effectively.

Multiple Detergent Fragrance Beads
Multiple Detergent Fragrances Beads

Multiple Detergent Fragrance Beads – a delightful addition to your laundry routine. Elevate your clothes-washing experience with a burst of long-lasting scents. Laundry a sensory delight with our Multiple Detergent Fragrance Beads.

Oradess Detergent Mate Softener Beads
Detergent Mate Softener Beads

Presenting Detergent Mate Softener Beads – your laundry’s new best friend. These innovative beads are designed to elevate your laundry experience. Infused with a delightful fragrance, they add a burst of long-lasting freshness to your clothes.

Ordess Lasting Fragrance Beads
Detergent Sheets Biodegradable

 Eco-friendly laundry with our Biodegradable Detergent Sheets. Available through Oradess, these sheets are in sustainable cleaning. Designed to dissolve seamlessly in water, they deliver powerful cleaning while minimizing waste.

Oradess soap sheets for laundry
Soap Sheets for Laundry

Oradess Soap Sheets for Laundry – a breakthrough in cleaning convenience. Our soap sheets are designed to transform your laundry routine. With a compact and pre-measured form, they dissolve swiftly in water, delivering powerful stain removal and freshness.

Capsules Detergent Laundry Beads
Capsules Detergent Laundry Beads

Our innovative Capsules Detergent Laundry Beads, are available through Oradess These powerful beads redefine laundry cleaning. Encased in convenient capsules, they release advanced detergent during the wash.

Professional Detergent Sheets Manufacturer

Welcome to Oradess, a leading Professional Detergent Sheets Manufacturer at the forefront of innovative laundry solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in crafting advanced detergent sheets that redefine the laundry experience.

Our journey began with a vision to transform the way people approach laundry. Our Professional Detergent Sheets embody this vision, offering a harmonious blend of convenience, effectiveness, and environmental consciousness.

Unparalleled Convenience: Our pre-measured detergent sheets eliminate the hassle of measuring and pouring. Just toss a sheet into the washing machine, and watch it dissolve rapidly, releasing powerful cleaning agents. This streamlined process ensures consistent results, load after load.

Exceptional Cleaning Power: Powered by cutting-edge formulations, our detergent sheets deliver outstanding cleaning performance. Stubborn stains, dirt, and odors are effortlessly lifted from fabrics, leaving your clothes fresh, clean, and revitalized.

Sustainability at Heart: As a responsible manufacturer, we prioritize sustainability. Our detergent sheets are crafted with eco-friendly materials and minimal packaging, reducing plastic waste. By choosing our products, you’re not only investing in exceptional laundry care but also contributing to a greener planet.

Detergent Sheets: Basic Features

Pre-Measured Convenience

Each Detergent Sheet is pre-measured, eliminating the need for measuring cups or guesswork. This ensures that you use the right amount of detergent every time, resulting in optimal cleaning performance.

Effortless Dissolving

Our Detergent Sheets are formulated to dissolve quickly in water, regardless of the water temperature. This means no more residue or clumps left behind on your clothes, ensuring a thorough and even wash.

Powerful Cleaning Agents

Despite their compact size, our Detergent Sheets are packed with powerful cleaning agents that effectively break down and remove stains, dirt, Powerful Cleaning agents, and odors from your fabrics.

Detergent Sheets Production Process

At Oradess, the production of our innovative Detergent Sheets is a meticulous and advanced process that combines cutting-edge technology with rigorous quality control. Here’s an overview of how we bring our revolutionary Detergent Sheets to life:

Formulation Development: Our experienced team of chemists and experts work to create proprietary detergent formulations. These formulations are carefully crafted to ensure effective stain removal, odor elimination, and fabric care.

Material Sourcing: We select high-quality, eco-friendly materials for our Detergent Sheets, prioritizing sustainability and performance.

Mixing and Blending: The selected materials are precisely mixed and blended according to the formulated recipe. This process ensures that each Detergent Sheet carries the perfect balance of cleaning agents and ingredients.

4. Sheet Formation: The blended mixture is transformed into thin sheets using specialized equipment. These sheets are designed to dissolve quickly in water during the washing process.

Cutting and Packaging: The formed sheets are cut into the desired sizes and packaged with minimal, eco-friendly materials. Our packaging is designed to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Quality Control: Every batch of Detergent Sheets undergoes rigorous quality control checks. We test for dissolution rate, cleaning efficacy, fabric compatibility, and fragrance consistency to ensure that each sheet meets our high standards.

Sustainable Approach: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production process. We optimize resource usage, minimize waste, and prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

Customer Access: Once the Detergent Sheets are manufactured and quality-approved, they are made available to you through our website Oradess.com, and other distribution channels.

Questions & Answers

The number of detergent sheets to use depends on factors like load size, water hardness, and soil level. Generally, one detergent sheet is sufficient for a regular-sized load. For larger loads or heavily soiled items, you might use two sheets. However, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging for optimal results.

Place the detergent sheet directly into the washing machine drum before adding your clothes. This ensures that the sheet dissolves quickly and evenly in the water, activating its cleaning agents. Avoid placing the sheet in the detergent dispenser or detergent compartment, as it might not dissolve properly.

Detergent sheets offer several advantages over traditional liquid or powder detergents. They are pre-measured, eliminating the need for measuring cups and spills. Their compact size saves storage space and reduces plastic waste due to minimal packaging. They dissolve easily, leaving no residue on clothes. Additionally, detergent sheets are formulated to effectively clean a variety of stains and fabric types.

Yes, you can use laundry detergent sheets in any type of washing machine – top-loading, front-loading, high-efficiency (HE), or standard. The sheets are designed to dissolve quickly in various water temperatures and machine types, ensuring an effective clean. Just remember to place the detergent sheet directly into the drum before adding your laundry for optimal results.


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