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Welcome to Oradess Professional Cleaning Tablets Services! With a commitment to excellence, we offer top-tier cleaning solutions that redefine cleanliness and convenience. Our revolutionary cleaning tablets are designed to transform your cleaning experience, making it efficient, effective, and effortless.

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How Cleaning Tablets Work

Cleaner tables Powerful Cleaning​

Powerful Cleaning​

Effortlessly effective, these tablets dissolve to release advanced cleaning agents that tackle dirt, stains, and grime. The fizzing action ensures thorough coverage, while specialized enzymes break down tough residues.

Cleaning Bleaching Agents tablet
Bleaching Agents

Cleaning bleaching agents in tablet form offer potent stain removal and disinfection. When dissolved in water, these tablets release powerful bleaching agents that break down tough stains, remove discolourations, and sanitize surfaces

Tablets Cleaning Multipurpose
Tablets Cleaning Multipurpose

Our multipurpose cleaning tablets redefine convenience. Effervescent and potent, they dissolve in water to tackle dirt, grease, and stains on any surface. Embrace versatility and eco-friendliness in one compact tablet.


What We Offer Services​

Toilet Bowls Cleaner Tablets
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

Revolutionize your bathroom cleaning with our Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets. Effervescent and powerful, these tablets dissolve to target stains, limescale, and odors, leaving your toilet sparkling and fresh.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets
Effervescent Cleaning Tablets

The magic of Effervescent Cleaning Tablets. With a satisfying fizz, these tablets dissolve dirt and grime effortlessly. From surfaces to fabrics, experience a new level of cleanliness with minimal effort.

Oradess Detergent for Washing Machine Cleaning
Tablets for washing machine

 laundry with our Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets. Simply drop a tablet into the drum and run a cycle to eliminate dirt, odors, and buildup. Enjoy a fresh and efficient machine, prolonging its lifespan.

Natural Material Oradess Cleaning Tablet

Oradess Natural Cleaning Tablets – harnessing the power of nature for a spotless clean. Our eco-friendly tablets use natural ingredients to dissolve grime, leaving surfaces gleaming and fresh.

Espresso Machine Cleaner Dismantling
Car Windscreen Cleaner Tablet

Experience crystal-clear drives with our Car Windscreen Cleaner Tablets. Simply drop a tablet into your wiper fluid reservoir, and watch it dissolve to remove dirt, bugs, and grime. Enjoy improved visibility and safety on the road.

Breville Cleaning Tablets
Dryer Cleaner Tablets

The ultimate solution for a pristine dryer. Our innovative dryer cleaner tablets effectively remove lint, residue, and odors, enhancing drying performance. Simply place a tablet in the dryer and run a cycle.

Professional Cleaning Tablets Manufacturer

As a leading professional cleaning tablet manufacturer, we take pride in revolutionizing cleaning experiences worldwide. Our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge cleaning solutions that redefine convenience and effectiveness.

Backed by a team of skilled chemists and experts, we meticulously develop each cleaning tablet to deliver unparalleled results. Our commitment to quality drives us to source the finest ingredients, ensuring that every tablet excels in dissolving dirt, grime, and stains with precision.

With a focus on sustainability, our manufacturing process minimizes environmental impact. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, from ingredient selection to packaging, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Collaboration is at our core. We partner with businesses across industries, offering customizable cleaning tablet formulations that cater to unique needs. From household to commercial applications, our tablets adapt, ensuring exceptional performance on various surfaces and materials.

Stringent quality controls underscore our manufacturing process, guaranteeing consistency and effectiveness in every tablet. Our tablets undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards, providing customers with reliable solutions they can trust.

Cleaning Tablets : Basic Features

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning tablets are formulated with potent cleaning agents that effectively break down and remove dirt, grime, stains, and even tough residues. This ensures thorough cleaning results with less effort.

Easy to Use

These tablets are designed for simplicity. Just drop a tablet into water, and it will dissolve, creating a cleaning solution ready to use. This eliminates the need for measuring and mixing, saving time.

Environmentally Conscious

Many cleaning tablets are formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients, reducing the overall impact on the environment. This aligns with the growing trend of eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

Oradess Cleaning Tablets Production Process

The Oradess Cleaning Tablets production process is a meticulous journey that results in high-quality, innovative cleaning solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives every step of this process, ensuring that our customers receive products that redefine cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.

Research and Formulation: Our production journey begins with extensive research and development. Our team of skilled chemists and experts collaborate to create cutting-edge formulations that deliver superior cleaning performance. 

Ingredient Sourcing: We source the finest raw materials from trusted suppliers. Our dedication to quality ensures that every ingredient meets our stringent standards, contributing to the overall efficacy of our cleaning tablets.

Precision Mixing: The selected ingredients are precisely measured and mixed according to the formulations developed during the research phase. 

Tablet Pressing: The mixed ingredients are compressed and shaped into tablets using advanced tablet pressing machinery. This process ensures that each tablet contains the right combination of cleaning agents in a compact and convenient form.

Quality Control: Quality is our top priority. Every batch of tablets undergoes rigorous quality control testing. This involves checking for uniformity, dissolution rate, cleaning efficacy, and adherence to our high standards.

Packaging and Distribution: Once the tablets pass quality control, they are carefully packaged to preserve their integrity. From there, they are ready for distribution to our valued customers.

Questions & Answers

Instead of cleaning tablets, you can consider various alternatives for cleaning tasks. These include DIY mixtures using household ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, traditional liquid cleaners, pre-made cleaning wipes, steam cleaners, natural eco-friendly cleaning products, microfiber cloths, scrubbing brushes, commercial cleaning sprays, white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide.

The number of tablets required to clean a washing machine can vary based on the brand, type of tablet, and the machine’s size and level of dirt buildup. Typically, manufacturers provide guidelines on the packaging or website for optimal usage. As a general reference, one to three tablets might be recommended for a single cleaning cycle.

Cleaning tablets and descaling agents serve similar purposes but target different aspects of cleaning appliances:

  • Cleaning Tablets: These are formulated to remove dirt, stains, and residues from surfaces, enhancing overall cleanliness and performance.
  • Descaling Agents: Primarily used for appliances like coffee makers, kettles, and dishwashers, descaling agents remove mineral deposits (such as limescale) that accumulate due to hard water. They improve efficiency and prevent damage.

Cleaning tablets are typically composed of a combination of ingredients tailored to their specific cleaning purposes. Common components include:

  • Surfactants: These are cleaning agents that break down and lift away dirt and grease from surfaces.
  • Enzymes: Enzymes are bioactive ingredients that target organic stains and residues, breaking them down for easier removal.
  • Detergents: Detergents help to emulsify oils and grease, allowing them to be washed away.
  • Fragrances: Some tablets include fragrances to leave a pleasant scent after cleaning.
  • Effervescence Agents: These create the fizzing action when the tablet dissolves, aiding in even distribution of cleaning agents.
  • Binder Agents: These hold the tablet’s ingredients together during manufacturing and storage.
  • Colorants: Colorants are added for visual appeal and product differentiation.
  • Solvents: Solvents can assist in dissolving certain types of stains or substances

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